holistic wellness

Be active, engaged, and well.

At Bayley, we offer daily opportunities to find fulfillment, passion, and activity to create an overall positive environment. To ensure residents have resources and opportunities to tend to their well-being we build activities around the 8 Dimensions of Wellness to create a holistic approach to senior living.

8 dimensions of wellness

Live well, be well.


Healthy food nourishes an active spirit, quality sleep resets the body and mind, and fitness opportunities keep bones and hearts strong. Physical well-being ensures you're able to take on challenges and pursue your passions.


Emotionally strong people have a community to support them. Speaking to a counselor offers additional support to ease any number of challenges.


We encourage residents to flex their mental muscles by reading, learning new skills, trying new cultural experiences, and discussing stimulating topics.


Any endeavor that connects a person to a being bigger than themselves or serves their values can provide spiritual nourishment.


There's nothing better than feeling safe and at ease in your living space. A clean community with a welcoming culture offers peace and comfort.


A person's relationships add color and vibrancy to their daily life. Retirement offers the freedom to spend more time with loved ones and make new friends.


Even after retirement, you should find joy and purpose in working for a worthy cause. With the knowledge and skills acquired over decades, there's no greater calling than to dedicate your expertise to volunteering or mentoring.


Regular visits to doctors provide peace of mind and information seniors need to optimize their health.

Social Opportunities

While most residents in independent living communities live independently, there are activities, amenities, and services that keep residents' social life busy as well. Our facilities allow residents the opportunity to socialize with each other and partake in their favorite hobbies.


Bayley's Fitness Club, located on-site in the Wellness Community Center, offers programs and amenities for individuals to maintain optimal health and wellness.

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