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Live at an appealing address close to the heart of Cincinnati. With vibrant arts, delicious dining, and fun activities for the whole family, Bayley’s location draws together the best of Cincinnati in one remarkable neighborhood. Here you’ll find an incomparable lifestyle with the best services and comforts—set within.


The Floral Paradise of Ohio

Located in Southwest Ohio’s Hamilton County along the Ohio River, Delhi Township is known as The Floral Paradise of Ohio for our rich history in greenhouses. Delhi Township greenhouses produced a significant percentage of carnations during the late pre-WWII years gaining our trademark phrase that is still featured on Delhi Township signage.

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Queen City

Along with plenty of Midwest charm and family-friendly attraction, Cincinnati, Ohio, has big-city amenities, professional sports, arts, museums, and cultural attractions. In 2018, the New York Times listed Cincinnati as #8 on its 52 Places to Go list. Between theaters, beautiful murals, galleries and ballet you’ll have endless options to enjoy.

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Bayley Green Township


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Bayley Expansion

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