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Sponsorship Evolution: A Future of Possibilities Rooted in a Legacy of Care

September 2022

The Sisters of Charity founded Bayley in 1990 in response to community need for a nonprofit retirement and wellness community on Cincinnati’s westside. Almost immediately, we began expanding our campus and programming to address increased demand to meet needs of adults and seniors, whether they required skilled nursing care or sought to retain their independence in a supportive environment filled with fellowship.

The Sisters of Charity have served as our sponsor since our founding, overseeing and preserving our canonical relationship with the Catholic Church. Today, the Sisters of Charity are empowering us to reimagine our sponsorship future as they embrace new callings and the changing realities of having fewer Sisters to serve on our board to provide oversight and governance – important requisites of sponsorship.

A sponsorship evolution is in our future; the changes it may entail will not change who we are. Bayley’s day-to-day operations and solid financial standing will remain unchanged. Our commitment to our region’s older adults and to continually elevating the services and campus resources we provide remain core to Bayley’s offering. And, importantly, our convictions, values and intentions to maintain our Catholic identity are unwavering.

The Sisters of Charity have positioned us for success, establishing proficient lay leadership and strong financial standing and independence. While our relationship with the Sisters is evolving, they will continue to be our champions and our inspiration. Bayley is positioned to thrive as we stand on the shoulders of the Sisters who came before us.

We are in the early stages of our journey. Our Board of Directors has formed a Sponsorship Transition Task Force. Our highly engaged Board will be overseeing this exciting path forward. We will benefit from having the Sisters of Charity by our side, maintaining thoughtful and diligent stewardship as we determine our sponsorship future with prayer and careful consideration. We have no firm deadlines against which we’re working; however, we are striving to have a sponsorship path identified in the coming year.

We thank the Sisters of Charity, the families we serve and our Bayley team and Board leadership for being valued partners in fulfilling our mission.

A Sponsorship Journey – Answers to Frequency Asked Questions

Founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1990, Bayley has preserved the mission and legacy of the Sisters for more than three decades, effectively delivering wellness for the “whole person” to our residents, including their spiritual journey. In response to new pastoral needs and the reality of having fewer Sisters to participate in governance duties, sit on our board or participate on committees, the Sisters of Charity are supporting Bayley as we explore a new sponsorship path as an independent Catholic, not-for-profit senior care organization.

We are positioned for continued growth as a financially independent, 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Our first-class amenities, quality facilities and standard of care for seniors, including our Pastoral Care, will remain foundational to Bayley “living.”

As we’ve talked with residents, friends and other members of the community about our sponsorship journey and our steadfast commitment to our mission, we’ve encountered some questions. We’ve compiled and addressed those frequently asked questions below. If you have additional inquiries regarding this exciting path forward, we hope you will reach out to us directly for further information.

What does sponsorship by the Sisters of Charity entail?

As Bayley’s sponsor, the Sisters of Charity have been responsible under Canon Law to assure that our activities are consistent with the mission of the Catholic Church. In addition, they have held “Reserved Powers” over certain transactions and matters, such as governance, financial reporting, capital expenditures, leadership transitions and other select initiatives.  


Why are the Sisters of Charity changing their sponsorship role with Bayley?

The Sisters of Charity are evolving and embracing the reality that there are fewer Sisters available to serve on our board to provide governance and oversight. They have been working closely with us on this transition and will maintain thoughtful and diligent stewardship of Bayley as we determine a path to our next generation of sponsorship.


In the absence of the Sisters of Charity, who will now have these stewardship responsibilities?

Bayley’s Board of Directors is leading the plan for alternate sponsorship and has established a subcommittee to explore a sponsorship path that will enable us to maintain our Catholic identity and remain a financially independent, 501c3not-for-profit senior care organization. Bayley’s staffing, budget, finances and other programs and operations will remain the responsibility of Bayley. We will preserve the mission and legacy of the Sisters and will continue to adhere to the Ethical and Religions Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Will Bayley continue to have a Pastoral Care team?

Religion and faith play a significant role in the lives of our residents, and our Pastoral Care team will continue to be foundational in maintaining our Catholic, Christian-like environment. Hospital visitation, pastoral counseling, prayer with residents and regular Mass will continue to be important offerings for our residents.

I heard Bayley will become a for-profit organization. Is this true?

Absolutely not. Bayley will remain a not-for-profit senior care organization.

Will residents and prospective residents face price increases when the Sisters of Charity no longer sponsor Bayley?

Our relationship with the Sisters of Charity in no way influences our costs of care, programming or facility upkeep. A sponsorship transition will not affect resident pricing.  


Does this mean that the Sisters of Charity are cutting financial ties to Bayley?

Bayley has been financially independent of the Sisters of Charity since 2010. We are fortunate to have had their early financial support, keen business sense and forward thinking all these years. They positioned us to thrive as an independent Catholic senior care organization.


Is Bayley financially stable?

The sponsorship transition in no way affects our financial health. Bayley’s financial standing has never been better.


What’s going to change when the Sisters’ sponsorship of Bayley comes to an end?

Changes in our sponsorship structure will be at a governance level and will not affect residents, staff or day-to-day operations. While the Sisters of Charity will no longer have a sponsorship relationship with Bayley, their deep connection with Bayley will still be felt as we preserve their legacy. We were founded by the Sisters of Charity and continue to be guided by their values and mission.  


What are the sponsorship options for Bayley moving forward? When will you decide your course of action?

Our Board is considering multiple options at this time, focusing on those that will enable us to retain our Catholic identity and financial independence. We have no firm deadlines. We are hopeful we will have a sponsorship path identified in the coming year.

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