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Nursing Retention Bonus Available

STNA, LPN, RN Retention Bonus for part-time and full-time employees (weekend warrior positions not eligible)

Retention Bonus

Retention bonus for new nursing employees* after January 1, 2022.  STNA, LPN, RN’s will be eligible for a retention bonus up to $2000.00 for full time subject to the terms described. 

  • One half of that amount will be paid to you if you are employed by Bayley after four months from hire date, the second half of that amount will be paid to you after you have been employed by Bayley for eight months from your new hire date. 
  • Both sums will be paid to you through the next payroll cycle following the employment required dates.  
  • We also have a bonus for part time STNA, LPN, RN newly hired employees.

*Retention bonus offered for newly hired STNA, LPN, and RN candidates.


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